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Ricerca e selezione personale
Research and personal selection
Progettazione e Sviluppo
Planning and development
Consulenza organizzativa e di supporto
Personale per Eventi
Event Staff

Aware of the dynamism of the market in which we operate, we turn to professionals and entrepreneurs who, through our services, can improve their business and respond adequately to the changing evolutions of the sector.

Ricerca e selezione personale
Research and selection of qualified personnel

We specialize in finding and selecting qualified staff for restaurants and hotels.
Through a careful and thorough study of each individual profile, we guarantee the professional who best adapts to the required needs.
Our goal is not just research and selection, but the help to the professional realization of our selected and the full satisfaction of our customers.
Human resources are a fundamental key to the success of any location, both at the time of start-up and in activities that have already started. For this we deal directly with all the phases of recruiting, from the initial research, to the interview, up to the last selection, when we present to the
customer a list of candidates and profiles suitable for the format, whether it is kitchen, dining hall or administrative and management positions, among which we support it in the final choice.

Planning and development

A service for small and medium-sized companies, for large groups that want to develop new formats and for outsider customers who need a complete support.
Thanks to a team of professionals, we are able to follow all the steps that lead to the development and implementation of a new catering project.
We take care of carrying out an on-site inspection to define the feasibility study of the intervention. Subsequently one is presented to the customer “tailored” design proposal with respect to the identified location and once shared and approved by the customer, the design will become
It then proceeds to the development of the executive project and the direction of the works, where the performances of the various external professionals by integrated that we make use for the specific knowledge in the sectors of plants, structures and administrative authorizations, providing assistance to the choice and purchase of the supplies.
Thanks to a network of experts, to our trusted suppliers, to the contacts developed during trade fairs and events, we can offer the client a wide range
range of products that adapt to the needs of the format and the target audience.
We intervene in the definition of menu and beverage card lines. With the support of our chefs and beverage consultants, we come to the planning of the food and wine offer and the preparation of a specific recipe book to use and share with the kitchen staff.
Supporting the customer at 360 ° means not only supporting it in the conception and realization of a project, but also monitoring the development and
the general trend of his activity over time, providing periodic consultations established according to a shared calendar, or
planning meetings to monitor work on the spot.
Through management control we provide the customer with the information and tools necessary to verify the achievement of the set objectives,
in order to ascertain that the activity operates according to criteria of effectiveness and efficiency. Through quality control we ensure that the product and the related procedures always maintain the set quality standards.
Once the project has been positively tested and accepted by the public, we can work with the customer to achieve a second objective: to re- propose the format in different geographical or social contexts, according to a scalability plan and adapting it to the chosen area, to the target of
reference and the objectives to be achieved.

Progettazione e Sviluppo
18 copia
Consulenza organizzativa e di supporto
Organizational and support consultancy
We support already started activities or new formats that need to set or restore the standards useful to aspire to continuous improvement
of its operational, qualitative and managerial procedures.
We proceed by analyzing the general context and the work processes most closely linked to the criticality, so as to suggest targeted actions and
specific interventions that restore the correct performance of all activities.
Together with the client, we plan strategic decisions that aim to rationalize the company’s resources, with the aim of achieving objectives economically relevant and reduce risks.
We work ad hoc for finding specific figures to be included in the staff, defining a new organizational line to follow and an offer gastronomy that can satisfy the target audience.

Born as a learning place for professionals and lovers of Japanese food culture, who aspire to a thriving and exciting sushi chef career.
The courses are aimed at those who intend to acquire a good technical preparation and adequate manual skills in order to be able to develop in a professional manner the passion for the art of Japanese cuisine.
An exceptional formation system held by a team of highly qualified instructors at support structures distributed between Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.

Personale per Eventi
Staff for events
We help private individuals and companies in the search and selection of qualified personnel for events, show cooking, fairs, business dinners and much more.
The profiles available are:
• International and fusion cuisine chefs
• Waiters
• Barman

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